Jie Yang

I am currently an applied scientist at Amazon Research. Before, I obtained my PhD from Delft University of Technology and spent ~one year at eXascale Infolab.

I work on human-centric AI, where humans are an integral computing component of a machine learning system. This is because not only that humans are often the data providers, but also that they can play an active role in enhancing the machine learning system, through intervention before or after model training. My research work is therefore both theoretical and experimental, as it requires to understand human characteristics (e.g., reliability and bias) while designing more powerful human-in-the-loop models and systems.

My recent work focuses on leveraging crowdsourcing and deep probabilistic modeling for debugging noisy training data (Scalpel-CD) and active learning (DALC). Currently, I am heavily involved in building human-AI systems for search and recommendation in Alexa, Amazon's personal assistant.

The best way to reach me is by email, jiy at amazon dot com.

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* indicates either a student that I supervised or equal contribution with my collaborater.


I actively serve the research community. My recent acitivties include services on the program committee of AAAI HCOMP (2018 - 2019), AAAI ICWSM (2018 - 2019), ACM IUI (2018 - 2019), ACM CHIIR (2019), ESWC (2019), and WWW (2018). In addition, I serve on the editorial board of the Journal of Human Computation and review for transactions and journals such as TKDE and IJCHS.